Endian Firewall Community Repositories

Note: This site is not affiliated with Endian in any way.

These repositories contain SRPMs and RPMs for the Endian Firewall Community Edition produced using the EFW Development environment.

Each repository is divided into two subrepositories, one for binaries (RPMs) and one for source (SRPMs).

The three repositories are release, updates and add-ons.

  • The release repository is built from the SRPMs as distributed by Endian on SourceForge in the EFW Project. The binaries are provided so you can install the *-devel packages without having to build the whole project. The source is provided to comply with the GPL license.

    Most RPMs are available from Endian's update site Endian Updates. When you are prompted for username and password, use the email address you used when you registered EFW Community on the Endian site. The password is community. Endian distributes the source RPMs on SourceForge.

    Note: Please use the Endian site to download the binary RPMs and the SourceForge site to download the source SRPMs. Only download from here if what you need is not available on those two sites.

    You can browse the packages available here using repoview: binary packages and source packages.

  • The updates repository contains updated packages with fixes and/or enhancements over what is provided by Endian and appear newer then any version of the same package from Endian.

    Caution: Since these packages appear newer than any Endian packages, manual steps will be required to install subsequent updates from Endian.

    You can browse the available packages using repoview: binary packages and source packages.

  • The addons repository contains additional packages that are not distributed by Endian in the standard installation. However they may be updated versions of developer packages such as Subversion.

    Note: There should be little risk of conflicts by installing the packages in this repository.

    You can browse the available packages using repoview: binary packages and source packages.

In order to install the packages using the smart package manager you need to add the channels. I've created a script called ossw-repos that makes working with the repositories very easy, you can download it here.

The script takes a single command as an argument: add, remove, enable or disable.

The add command adds the channels and imports the repositories' key. The channels are created disabled so that packages aren't installed accidently.

The remove command is used to remove the channels and erase the public key from rpm.

The enable and disable commands are used to enable and disable all the channels. The enable command should be run, then install or upgrade the desired packages, then run the disable command.

All RPMS are signed with this key

The GForge site is located here. You can download the Developer Environment there as well as browse the Subversion repository.

If you would rather use websvn to browse the repository, it is available here.

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